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Friday, December 23, 2005


I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has made it possible for Jason to walk out on Jonathan and I. You see, instead of holding him accountable for his actions, you have let him whine and cry about how miserable he is, and have enabled him to abandon his family.

To Jason's family: shame on you. You have hardly ever supported anything he has done, and now that he wants to WALK OUT on his wife and child, you have gladly handed him the money to do so. You didn't say "no Jason, you need to be a man and take care of your responsibilty...if you want to walk out get a job and do it yourself..." You handed him over the cash to do so. I guess I should be happy that my father in law has finally showed interest in his son though huh??? WHATEVER.

To the family at church who has fed and sheltered Jason through this time:
(Content deleted by the author)
Instead of holding Jason accountable in a Christian manner, you too have enabled him and given him the means to walk out on his family. Instead of backing off, and getting out of the situation like I asked you to, and like the pastor asked you too, you continually got involved and pushed Jason and I further apart. Shame on you.

To everyone else who is reading this and scratching their heads: On November 13th the day before we brought Jonathan home from the hospital (which all of those "happy" pictures are completely staged...) I received a text message on my phone from Jason that was supposed to be to another woman. Well, he accidentally sent it to my phone and it was about me. This in turn started a whole confrontation where Jason told me he didn't love me and didn't really ever love me and didn't want to be married anymore. So he moved out over a month ago and hasn't worked or supported Jonathan and I since. Yeah, and he is wanting to go into the ministry??!! I was very supportive, and tried my hardest to work on the marriage until
(content deleted by the author)
Sorry Jason, I'm not covering for you anymore. If you're going to make these decisions, you need to live by the consequences of these decisions...I'm not trying to make you look bad, you're doing a good enough job of that yourself.

As if bringing home a baby wasn't stressful enough....And by the way, I'm not keeping Jonathan from Jason for those of you who think I am...you see, Jason hasn't been completely honest with me in the past (when he has taken Jonathan before he was telling me where he was going, but lying about it...) and I don't trust him. I don't know where he is staying, or who he is staying with...he could be staying with a drug dealer or a child molester for all I know. I have told Jason he can see Jonathan whenever he wants...he just doesn't have a car seat or anything to take him in...so, he can come over here and see him whenever he wants...and until he gets things (His life...) under control visitation is on MY TERMS. I'm not letting anyone...ANYONE...take advantage of me.


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