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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

August 10th

I had a birthday recently, and turned 26. 26. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I spent this past summer working with an awesome group of high schoolers and for a minute there I for some reason thought I was the same age as them. It's so weird. I don't feel old, but I am getting there. It became clear to me one night at a sleep over when all the girls were talking about "Laguna Beach" and "One Tree Hill" and all these "hot guys" who were on these shows. I HAD NO CLUE WHO THEY WERE!!! I might as well have showed up blazing my MC Hammer cassette, and wearing my parachute pants. Then I found out the hot guys they were talking about were around 16 years old! 10 YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME!

I still consider myself young I guess, I still know how to relate to the "younger generation" I can still "kick it" I can "hang" with the kids. (Ok, I'm just kidding....) I loved this summer, I loved the experience, it was probably one of the best summers of my life. Seeing how I still look like I'm 17 years old, I guess that I can get away with some things that other "adults" wouldn't. I just can't believe how old I really am. It seems like just a couple years ago that I was in high school myself...It's been almost 10 years already!

In an attempt to claim some of my youth, I've made a list of some things I still do that I did when I was a child...don't laugh, you probably do some of these things too.....don't lie.

1. I still love fruit roll ups
2. When I'm sick I still love to be babied (is that how you spell that word? Is that a word?) Especially by my husband, my favorite man in the universe.
3. I love my two dogs (Atticus and Miles) and will probably cry and cry like a little girl when they die.
4. I love the muppet show (yes, I bought the first season...)
5. I like surprises
6. I still buy stickers (ok, I'm a teacher, this one doesn't really count does it???)
7. I love and can't wait for Christmas every year
8. I still want to run out of school at the end of the day screaming because I'm so glad to get out of there...
9. I like watching saturday morning cartoons...(when I don't sleep in)
10. I love colorful socks
11. I like to be tucked in (only by Jason)

Um...stay tuned, more will be added later. It's late and I'm getting old, I need to go to bed...


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