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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Today was a little frustrating after leaving the hospital. Yesterday I was told that Jonathan would be put in a "big boy bed" (an open crib) and that his IV would be taken out today. But after the nurse practitioner examined him she decided he wasn't ready yet. In fact, she ordered another bilirubin test be done because he is looking jaundiced again. He hasn't nippled anything in awhile, he just isn't interested. He did so well for about a day and a half, and now he just doesn't even try, so they end up feeding him through his NG tube instead. I do get to try a breastfeed him tomorrow though! I am very excited about that. Maybe he is just a boob man and will pick that up right away!

He just seems to be very tired of working so hard. He just isn't interested in anything except sleeping right now...


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