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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I was thinking lastnight a lot about certain things of my life. I couldn't sleep, which seems to be becoming a more constant pattern in my life. I was laying there staring at the ceiling, watching the ceiling fan, and listening to noises from the city outside. I live by a fire station and a hospital, so a lot of the night I can hear sirens and helicopters. It usually doesn't bother me, but on nights when I am unable to fall asleep, it can become quite distracting. Lastnight, Jonathan was unable to fall asleep as well. He kept crying and screaming that he was scared. Usually, if I leave him be, he will fall asleep. Lastnight was different, he screamed in terror and was afraid, I could tell by the way he was dripping with sweat that something wasn't right in his little world. When I went to his bedroom, he sat up and asked if he could get out of bed. I told him no, but I would lay with him until he fell asleep. A few minutes later, he asked if we could sing. Sure. He said he wanted to sing the "ABC's" so we did. Eight times. Then he wanted to sing the "Car's Song" (Life is a Highway) so we tried...of course, I made up some of the words, but we sang that....three times. Then I told him he needed to go to sleep, close your eyes.....after twelve times of James Taylor's song "Close Your Eyes" he finally fell asleep. Each time I was done, he would whisper "Close Eyes song again...."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A lot has been going on. I know, I haven't updated this forever. Perhaps that should be the new title..."The Blog I Never Update." I've lost touch! Sorry guys! Well, I was recently reading through some of my posts, and I was sad at how much I haven't accomplished. I have a tendancy to make goals, but never follow through. It's not that my goals are unattainable, I just have a problem with following through! I actually make goals that are quite achievable, which only magnifies the disappointment when it's not reached. I never went to grad school. I never lost the weight. I never made anything for anyone. I never memorized scripture, or learned how to play the guitar....

Here are some things that have been keeping me busy...I've been working on potty training Jonathan. Again. He was completely potty trained, until I moved him to another daycare, and they didn't do potty training until the next class up. So, he went back into a diaper. We are working on that again. I have been busy doing "mommy things." I am a damn good mommy. I started a new job, at a new school district, and I am a damn good teacher. I moved in with my brother...that's all I will say about that. Let's just say my conflict/resolution skills are increasing.

Recently, I've gotten in touch with some people from my past. It's been nice getting to know each other. I won't go into details about that yet.

Um...ok, that's all I have for now. Actually there is a lot more, but I just don't feel like typing it all...hope you all are well.